It's nice to be playing a show with the mighty J. Davis Trio again.  The Jordan Years are playing with J.D.T. this Friday (5/7/2010) at the DarkRoom.  I was feeling nostalgic and thinking about the many times I've seen JDT, and the cool shows that my different bands have played with them.  This post is a tribute to the longevity of J. Davis Trio and a little personal history about some shows my bands have played with them.

Here is a cool JDT video from 2007 on a show called Hot Wax TV. (Skip the minute-long intro and get right to the JDT tune.)

More JDT videos, and some stuff from Bumpus, Rachael Yamagata, Fly Williams and more...

Back in 2002, I was playing in the Rachael Yamagata band.  Rachael had us flying to Los Angeles and New York for record company showcases and there was buzz that Rachael was about to sign a record deal.  That summer, Rachael Yamagata band played Chicago MOBfest (music industry conference & festival) with J. Davis Trio and the awesome Baldwin Brothers with well over a dozen record labels in attendance at Martyrs.  Rachael signed a deal with RCA that fall.  She now has a new album (Elephants) on a new label (Warner Brothers).

Here's a Baldwin Brothers video produced by my friend, JP. He asked me to be in the video, but I declined...

And a really cool live video of Baldwin Brothers at the Double Door. Check out both of their great albums; Cooking with Lasers and Return of the Golden Rhodes. One of my favorite Chicago bands.

Once Rachael signed with RCA and moved east, I joined her old funk band Bumpus along with a trombone player and a crew of female backup singers. We played a few shows with J. Davis Trio, mostly at defunct club "The Note" in Wicker Park.  I recorded the album Bumpus Live with them and the single for this video.

Here's 2 songs from the Bumpus Live album. Don't Say Much features guest rapping by MC Parallel (aka Saiyid Brent). And the keyboard solo was a screwup. We were supposed to end the song, but the drummer kept going... So, they gave me a solo followed by another chorus. ;-)

Bumpus Live - Don't Say Much by miracolemusic

Here's "As It Was". The outro of this song is part of Stevie Wonder's song, "As".

Bumpus Live - As It Was by miracolemusic

Here's an old-skool live video from J. Davis Trio performing Kate Bush's "There Goes a Tenner" back in 1998.

My old band Fly Williams used to also play shows with J. Davis Trio. Our bassist, Nick "Nicky T" Thiakos knew Julio from his old rap crew 'Stony Island', who used to jam with Nick's punk/funk band Quaker Youth Ensemble.

Fragile by miracolemusic


Update: I almost forgot to mention that Nicky T's band, About Nothin' is playing this Saturday, May 8th at the Underground Lounge (952 W. Newport, Chicago)  at 10pm.  If you like 'power trio rock' inspired by Primus, About Nothin' is your ticket.  Check out the March 2010 review in the Illinois Entertainer of their latest record.