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  1. Aryk Crowder band at Angels and Kings May 12 - FREE

    Category: News/Shows

    I'll be playing my first show with the Aryk Crowder band at Angels and Kings on Wednesday, May 12th.  The show is FREE.  It's a new music release party for the new songs we just recorded at Rax Trax.  ...
    Sunday, 02 May 2010
  2. Return of Houseman - Mardi Gras show at Martyrs in Chicago Fat Tuesday Feb 16 2010

    Category: News/Shows

    ... - bass Michael Cole - keyboards Kirk Gregory - guitar Derek Henderson - drums Johnny Showtime - trombone AJ Kluth - tenor sax Sheila Jones  - backing vocals Terry Jones  -  backing vocals Wes Restless ...
    Monday, 04 January 2010
  3. New Years Eve 2010 party at Black Gate Studios featuring The Jordan Years

    Category: News/Shows

    ... Jordan Years starting lineup: Mike Andersen : bass, Michael Cole : keyboards, Roger Panella : Guitar, Joe Dorenbos : Drums,  and Wes Restless : Vocals. * I'm told that our own Wes Restless will also ...
    Tuesday, 22 December 2009
  4. Welcome

    Category: About/Related Sites

    Welcome to the website of Chicago-based musician, Michael Cole.  Info about MC's upcoming shows and music releases, and information about past shows/ recordings.  Michael is a piano and keyboard player, ...
    Tuesday, 20 October 2009
  5. Contact

    Category: Contact/Contact

    Contact info coming soon...
    Tuesday, 06 October 2009
  6. The Jordan Years, pregame at United Center Oct 16

    Category: News/Shows

    ... starting lineup for The Jordan Years:     Wes Restless - Vocals Mike Andersen - Bass Roger Panella - Guitar Michael Cole - Keyboards Joe Dorenbos - Drums          ...
    Friday, 02 October 2009

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