I'll be playing my first show with the Aryk Crowder band at Angels and Kings on Wednesday, May 12th.  The show is FREE.  It's a new music release party for the new songs we just recorded at Rax Trax.  Aryk's sound can best be described as neo-soul / R&B.  First 150 in attendance will receive a copy of Aryk Crowder's new single "Ready, Set…". Listen to the music streaming on Aryk's website.

Angels & Kings
710 N Clark St. Chicago, IL

Doors open 9pm, Visionaire @ 9:30pm

Aryk Crowder band @ 10:30pm

Video and more info in the rest of this post.

Here's a video Aryk made documenting our studio sessions at Rax Trax recording the songs "Ready, Set..." and "Your Man".


It's been a lot of fun playing with the great musicians in Aryk's band. Drummer Willie Nickson and bassist Adrian Morris are incredible professionals and have that super-tight groove they developed playing church gigs.  Aryk has a strong, soulful voice and great guitar tones and chops.  He's got the full range from Prince to John Mayer to Maxwell.  Aryk's friend, Leslie Hunt did a great job with backing vocals on the recordings and will be joining us live.  Leslie sings in a progressive rock band called District 97 and is a former American Idol finalist.