The Jordan Years are performing live at the New Years Eve 2010 party Extravaganza at Black Gate Studios in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.  RSVP to this private event now.

New Years Eve 2010 at Black Gate Studios
New Years Eve 2010 at Black Gate Studios featuring The Jordan Years.

Thursday, December 31st, 2009.

It's our last show of 2009 and our first show of 2010.  More info below...

There are seven different acts listed on the poster, and I'm sure there will be a bunch of great special guests.  (When is the last time we didn't have some cool special guests?  OK, maybe at the United Center.  But this is Black Gate!)

There is an amazing lineup DJ's, emcee's and bands and some awesome light shows I'm sure.  The Jordan Years are a featured act performing sometime around 11pm until 1am (with a short midnight break I'm told).  Anyone that saw The Jordan Years at our show here in June will remember what an awesome time it was.  Don't miss this one!  You can go to a lame New Years Eve party at a downtown hotel, but this will be much different.  People are saying that Black Gate Studios will be the Best New Years Party in Chicago.

I'll update the set times, links and other info as best as I can as I receive new information.  Drop me a line if you can help.

Thursday, December 31st, 2009 @ Black Gate Studios.

  • The Jordan Years - 11pm to 1am
  • The Loyal Divide - I think these guys are playing after TJY, and they sound great (from what I heard on their myspace page). They are playing South-by-Southwest* in Austin, Texas in March also.  So congratulations to them.  I told you they sound great...
  • Universal Ninjas - "The Universal Ninjas are a female collaboration of two minds with musical and lyrical heft."
  • Phillip Morris -    "Hip Hop / Psychedelic / Lyrical"
  • Number 2 & White Jesus -  Party hip-hop like it's 2010.
  • Sincere - OK.  I can't figure out a link because there are a lot of "Sincere's" out there.  Help!!
  • Beautiful City -  "Electronic Indie Hip-hop" from Skokie, IL.  Who knew?


The Jordan Years starting lineup:

Mike Andersen : bass, Michael Cole : keyboards, Roger Panella : Guitar, Joe Dorenbos : Drums,  and Wes Restless : Vocals.

* I'm told that our own Wes Restless will also be performing - with The GENT$ - at South-by-Southwest in Texas coming up in March 2010.  (Watch the YouTube! video for a TJY/Gent$ collaboration at Black Gate.) Who's got more top, emerging talent at their New Year's Eve show?  Nobody.  The Jordan Years are hoping to get down to Austin for SxSW.  Maybe 2011?