The Jordan Years will be playing a special "Dre Day" show (date TBA) February 19, 2010 at DarkRoom in Chicago, backing the awesome female emcee Psalm One (of Rhymesayers) and an incredible cast of other talented emcees.  We will be performing music from Dr. Dre's epic albums'The Chronic' and '2001' .  

Celebrate 'Dre Day

with Psalm One and The Jordan Years

performing the music of Dr. Dre and more...

@ DarkRoom

Friday, February 19th 2010

2210 W. Chicago Ave. - Chicago 60647

Dre Day poster

(more info below listing most of the performers.  tons of links and details about the show...)

Check out the list of MC's that will be performing with The Jordan Years for Dre Day.

  • Psalm One - an incredible talent signed to Rhymesayers label, Chicago's own emerging hip-hop superstar.
  • Wes Restless - The Jordan Years frontman and member of The Gent$ is a prolific talent who never ceases to amaze or surprise...  He can sing lead, backup, rap, plays multiple instruments and is an amazing producer.
  • Adad - The hype is building after Adad was chosen in Urb mag's "25 Right Now" and he won Rhymefest's "Give it to Me" contest to appear on the new Rhymefest album.
  • Phillip Morris - I first heard about Phillip Morris before we played our recent New Years Eve show with him.  I was blown away by his skills on the mic at that show.
  • Ill Legit - Part of The Gent$ with Wes, and a frequent guest of The Jordan Years - (video here and here).  Check out Illy's feature on the TJY promo track "Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)" made especially for this show.
  • Vitamin D - A legendary rap-battle champion and one of the first MC's to work with The Jordan Years.  Check out this video from the TJY early days.
  • Wondur - part of the Dynamic Vibrations crew with Wes Restless, Wondur has appeared with TJY a few times.
  • Ang 13 - Ang used to rock with TJY at the studio parties before we started playing real shows.  She is one of the busiest MC's out there.  I saw her with Treologic recently and it was great!
  • Matlock - looking forward to meeting Matlock...
  • Shadow Master MC - also looking forward to meeting Shadow Master MC

    and more... 

There are a ton of DJ's spinning before and after our set, including The Comeups (Intel, Pickel & Maker), TREW, Big Once and Kool Hersch.

Also there's going to be live (graffiti) art, a photo booth and video production.  It's more than a concert or hip-hop show.

Plus, The Jordan Years will be throwin' down the classic grooves made famous by Dr. Dre for all of these MC's to rhyme over.  The band won't just be a backdrop, or musical wallpaper...  We have more than a few surprises in store for this show.

Did I mention that DarkRoom are giving away free Colt 45 - 40oz's to the first (50? or 100?) people in the door?  Crazy, I know...

Click here for map and directions.

DarkRoom map